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UFL Week In Review

Mar 30, 2021

XFL/CFL ‘Smart Season’ That Could Work For Both Leagues, CFL Asks Players To Take 20% Pay Cut To Start Season On Time, The Rock Tweets Response About CFL, Talks ‘smart season’ and more. Plus, your social and emails.

Question of the week:  XFL Fans Need To Pick A CFL Team to Root For In 2021. Who is yours and...

Mar 22, 2021

Mark breaks down what to look for in the coming weeks. Strong Possibility XFL Does Not Return To Play In 2022, XFL / CFL Talk In Canada Heats Up, Quotes Of The Week, Former TSN Analyst Thinks XFL/CFL Are Talking Merger, Original NY/NJ XFL Coach Rusty Tillman Passes Away At 75, FCF Championship Recap and more. Plus,...

Mar 16, 2021

The XFL & CFL are in talks about a potential partnership, we discuss last weeks big news in our first ever reporter’s roundtable. We talk with reporters from XFL News Hub, Mike Mitchell, Reid Johnson from XFL Markcast, Josh Davis, Matt Lyons & Anthony Miller about their reaction to the news and what we think is next...

Mar 8, 2021

Bob Stoops Taking Over Urban Meyer’s Role on Fox Sports Pregame Show, Vipers Jalen Tolliver reunites with head coach Jaime Elizondo in CFL, The Spring League To Hold Tryouts For First Time, FCF Week 4 Recap and more. Plus, your social and emails.


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Mar 2, 2021

McMahon Accuses Luck of Sharing “Confidential” XFL Info, XFL Players In The CFL, FCF Week 3 Recap and more. Plus, your social and emails.


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