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UFL Week In Review

Sep 28, 2023

In this week's action-packed episode of XFL Week In Review, we break down the biggest stories surrounding the XFL-USFL merger. What does this collaboration mean for the future of alternative football? Will we see a brand-new league name? And how will this change the game for cities and broadcasting networks? This episode is a goldmine for fans seeking to understand the seismic shifts happening within the league.

Topics Include:

  • Will the XFL-USFL Merger Include a New League Name?
  • The Inside Scoop on the Merged XFL-USFL Opting for 6 Hub Cities
  • Exclusive Information on the Big Broadcasting Changes for the Merged League
  • Is a NSFL Rebrand on the Horizon?
  • Comparing XFL and USFL Rules in Light of Their Merger

Also, stick around for the Notes Section, where we give quick updates on "The Battlehawks Bridge" offering for 2024, the IFL's addition of San Antonio Gunslingers, the Rhein Fire's ELF championship, and AJ McCarron's return to the NFL.

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