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UFL Week In Review

Nov 25, 2023

Tune in to the latest edition of "XFL Week In Review" for an in-depth look at the recent meeting of XFL-USFL merger leaders in Washington DC. This episode gives you the inside scoop on who was present and what their roles signify in this potential groundbreaking merger. We're discussing the key players, their discussions, and the strategic implications of these talks for the future of both leagues.

Alongside the merger talks, we'll cover the St. Louis Battlehawks' proactive expansion of their 2024 season ticket sales in light of these significant developments. Get the latest on the XFL's Thanksgiving 'Feast of Football' event, celebrating with games, sales, and festive activities. We also bring you exciting updates on player movements, including Arlington Renegades quarterback Drew Plitt's signing with the Cincinnati Bengals and AJ McCarron's inclusion in the 53-man roster. Additionally, we spotlight the XFL's commitment to local communities through its support for Small Business Saturday.

After delving into these main segments, we'll quickly glance at our Notes Section, followed by a segment dedicated to answering viewer emails. Have any questions or comments? Reach out to us at

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