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UFL Week In Review

Dec 21, 2023

Welcome to Episode 216 of the "XFL Week In Review," your premier destination for all things XFL. With only 100 days until kickoff, this episode delves deep into the highly anticipated 2024 XFL-USFL merger. We bring you exclusive details on the player allocation plans, including a tentative draft outline. Discover what this merger means for the spring football landscape, especially for key USFL teams like Michigan, Houston, Memphis, and Birmingham.

We also cover the latest player movements, including the Roughnecks' releases and the Battlehawks' new acquisition, Max Borghi. In our Notes Section, we provide rapid-fire updates: the latest word from Mike Mitchell on Houston's team branding, an intriguing exploration into Saints’ QB search with former XFL QB Ben DiNucci, and the growing list of players signing letters of Intent.

Moreover, we answer your burning questions in our viewer email segment. As always, remember to subscribe to our podcast on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. For more in-depth discussions, check out our show notes at, join the conversation on Alt Football Reddit, and dive into Fantasy Football at Don't miss out on this comprehensive episode as we count down to an exciting season of XFL action!