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UFL Week In Review

Nov 9, 2023

Join us this week on "XFL Week In Review" as we dissect the latest updates in the XFL-USFL merger saga. Amidst rumors and speculation, we cut through the noise to bring you the facts on the current negotiations—understanding why the number of teams is a pivotal contention point and what this means for the leagues' future. We also cast the spotlight on XFL alumni making waves: Martavis Bryant sets his sights on an NFL comeback, and Casey Sayles garners CFL All-Star honors, proving the XFL's caliber. We'll explore these stories and more, including shoutouts to our vibrant community on Alt Football Reddit and the latest from the Fantasy Football world. Remember to subscribe on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify for your weekly deep dive into all things XFL. For detailed show notes, visit XFL Podcast Show notes.