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UFL Week In Review

May 23, 2024

Welcome to the UFL Week In Review, your go-to podcast for all things United Football League! In this jam-packed episode, we dive into the exciting developments surrounding the UFL's 2025 expansion plans. Get the inside scoop on the number of teams, start dates, and behind-the-scenes updates that will shape the future of the league. We also take a closer look at the impressive ratings from Week 8's games on ABC, FOX, and ESPN2, along with the attendance figures that showcase the growing popularity of the UFL.

As the season progresses, the UFL has unveiled its stunning Championship Trophy, a symbol of excellence and achievement for the teams vying for the title. We break down the design and significance of this prestigious award.

Our expert panel analyzes the UFL Power Rankings after Week 8, discussing the top contenders and the teams that need to step up their game. We also preview the upcoming Week 8 DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) landscape, providing you with valuable insights and picks to help you build a winning lineup.

In our Notes Section, we cover a range of topics from across the alternative football world. We discuss the European League of Football's readiness for Season 4, the signing of former Roughneck Cole McDonald to the Edmonton Elks, and the release of multiple USFL/XFL alums as the CFL season approaches. We also introduce Venu Sports, the new name for the ESPN, FOX, and WB streaming service, and delve into the UFLPA's announced changes to player bonuses for the 2024 season.

Furthermore, we remind fans that tickets for the 2024 UFL Championship are now on sale, and we celebrate the Arlington Renegades' upcoming reception of their 2023 XFL Championship Rings. Lastly, we share the exciting news that Protective Stadium will host the USFL Conference Championship Game.

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Stay tuned for an exciting episode filled with UFL updates, analysis, and insights!