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UFL Week In Review

May 10, 2024

Dive into the world of UFL football with "UFL Week In Review," your ultimate guide to all things UFL as we recap Week 6 and look ahead to Week 7. This episode covers the latest TV ratings with focus on major networks such as FOX and ABC, alongside live attendance insights. We'll analyze the shifting sands of the playoff landscape, revealing which teams are emerging as contenders. Our Power Rankings will spotlight the Defenders making a notable comeback.

Additionally, we assess the viability of UFL expansion in Memphis, discussing the local fanbase and market potential. Looking forward to Week 7, we provide detailed odds, spreads, and DFS tips to get you prepared for the next round of games.

Also, don't miss our exclusive articles segment featuring Jim Popp discussing the UFL's future strategies, including drafts and potential expansion. Learn about the UFL's latest partnership with Visit Missouri and their exciting "Road to Missouri" campaign. We wrap up with a viewer emails segment, where we address your questions and comments directly.

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