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UFL Week In Review

Jan 1, 2024

Welcome to a special episode of the XFL Week In Review, where we delve into the transformative journey of American football with the launch of the United Football League (UFL) in 2024. This episode highlights the historic merger between XFL and USFL, offering an in-depth look at the leadership that's setting the stage for a new era in the sport. We reveal the teams and head coaches who will be at the forefront of UFL 2024, including major shifts within the Brahmas, as we bid farewell to HC Hines Ward and GM Will Lewis and welcome HC Phillips and OC Smith.

In our comprehensive Notes Section, we cover the end of the partnership between UFPA and United Steelworkers in light of the merger, crucial updates for XFL players on their contracts, and the evolution and future prospects of XFL News Hub, including its fantasy league aspect.

We're also excited to engage with our listeners, answering your emails and sharing your insights. Don't forget, with just 90 days to UFL kickoff, the excitement is building!

For more detailed information and updates, check out our show notes on XFL Podcast Show notes, discuss with fellow fans on Alt Football Reddit, and get into the fantasy football spirit at News Hub Fantasy.

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