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UFL Week In Review

Mar 7, 2024

Dive deep into the heart of the UFL as we gear up for an electrifying 2024 season kickoff. This episode of the UFL Week In Review offers an exclusive sneak peek into the league's latest collaborations, betting odds, and key dates leading up to the grand opening on March 30th. Discover how the UFL and Under Armour are making significant strides towards enhancing minority coaching through their partnership with the NCMFC.

Uncover the early preseason betting odds with the Stallions taking the lead as the season's favorites. We also cover crucial preseason reports, including roster cuts and the official start date, ensuring you’re fully briefed on what to expect this season.

Adding to the excitement, we feature an exclusive interview with Mike Mitchell from Sports Illustrated, providing unparalleled insights into the UFL's dynamics. Plus, stay updated with the latest tweaks to the News Hub Fantasy site and the UFL News Hub Mobile app, essential for all UFL fans and fantasy league participants.

We also talk about, where was Mark for the last two weeks and what is going on with his wife.

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Links mentioned in this episode: XFL Podcast Show notes, Alt Football Reddit, and Fantasy Football Hub. Tune in to stay informed, entertained, and one step ahead in the UFL universe.

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