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UFL Week In Review

Feb 8, 2024

Dive deep into the heart of the United Football League as we gear up for the inaugural 2024 season, with just 51 days left until the much-anticipated kickoff on March 30th. This episode of "UFL Week In Review," the go-to source for all UFL enthusiasts, brings you an exclusive look at the inaugural schedule, highlighting the most exciting matchups and broadcast details that promise to elevate your football experience. Plus, we delve into pressing topics like the NFL's exploration of the XFL kickoff model and whether the UFL might adopt this rule in its debut season. We also spotlight the San Antonio Brahmas' kickoff event, provide a comprehensive overview of UFL player salaries, and bring you the latest updates from the News Hub Fantasy site and the UFL News Hub Mobile app. Don't miss our "Question of the Week" segment, where we discuss the UFL schedule and invite you to share your thoughts. Stay tuned for our Notes Section featuring quick takes on vital UFL news and updates, followed by a segment answering viewer emails. Remember to subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify, or reach out to us at or call 888-437-7692 ext 3. For more information, visit our show notes at, join the conversation on Alt Football Reddit at, and get your fantasy football fix at


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