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UFL Week In Review

Mar 21, 2024

In this week's jam-packed episode of UFL Week In Review, we delve deep into the heart of the UFL, offering unparalleled insights and exclusive interviews that you can't get anywhere else. With the kickoff just around the corner, we're bringing the excitement straight to you, featuring discussions with key figures like Defenders' Greg Williams on the league's ambitious expansion plans and UFL VP Daryl Johnston on the intricacies of league operations and team dynamics. Discover the latest technological advancements with a sneak peek into the UFL’s innovative mobile app for the 2024 season, enhancing the fan experience like never before.

We also bring you exclusive interviews from the field, including insights from the Memphis Showboats’ defensive masterminds and the Roughnecks' strategic approach to the upcoming season. In our Notes Section, we cover the latest in UFL partnerships, fan engagements, and technology updates, ensuring you're up to speed with all things UFL.

Join us on this journey and become part of the UFL community through our podcast, available on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe and reach out with your thoughts at or call us at 888-437-7692 ext 3. For further reading and to dive deeper into the topics discussed, visit our show notes at UFL News Hub, explore alternative football discussions on Reddit, engage with fantasy football at News Hub Fantasy, and join the conversation in the UFL Forum.


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