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UFL Week In Review

May 16, 2024

Podcast Description

Welcome to the UFL Week In Review, one of the longest running UFL podcasts in human history! In this episode, we delve into the key highlights of Week 7 and preview the exciting matchups for Week 8. Here's what's in store:

UFL TV Ratings and Attendance: We analyze the TV ratings from Week 7 on FOX and ESPN, and discuss how fan attendance is shaping up this season.

Playoff Picture: As we move past Week 7, the playoff race is heating up. We break down the current standings and potential matchups.

Power Rankings: The Stallions continue to dominate. We discuss why they are who we thought they were and more in our updated Week 7 power rankings.

Friday Night UFL Games in 2025: A new report suggests that Friday night UFL games are coming to FOX in 2025. We explore the implications and what fans can expect.

Week 8 DFS Preview: Get your fantasy lineups ready with our comprehensive Week 8 DFS preview, featuring key picks and strategies to help you win big.

Notes Section:

  • UFL Playoffs: Stallions vs Panthers Set for June 8th on ABC
  • How Former Sea Dragons Quarterback Ben DiNucci Could Shake Up the UFL
  • A cool grill spatula with the Showboats logo etched out

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Stay tuned for an action-packed show that no UFL fan will want to miss!

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