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UFL Week In Review

Apr 22, 2024

Join us this week on the UFL Week In Review as we break down all the excitement from Week 4. We start off with a comprehensive score recap, highlighting which teams outperformed and which didn’t meet expectations. Dive deep into DFS with us as we dissect the best and worst picks of the week.

In our bets segment, find out which wagers paid off and which ones flopped. Fantasy football enthusiasts will appreciate our detailed analysis of player performances and their implications for future rosters. Our Pick'em review will reveal the most and least accurate predictions, while our awards segment honors standout performances.

Join the conversation on UFL, fantasy sports, and more with links to useful resources: UFL Podcast Show notes at, Alt Football Reddit at, manage your fantasy teams at, and engage in discussions on the UFL Forum at Contact us at or call 888-437-7692 ext 3. Dive into this week's episode for an unmatched UFL analysis and commentary!