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UFL Week In Review

Jan 11, 2024

Embark on a journey through the heart of UFL's unfolding drama in this week's "UFL Week In Review." As we edge closer to kickoff, with only 79 days left, delve into the profound insights of Anthony Becht on STL's impactful role, the innovative UFL rules, and the exciting playoff transformations. Get an exclusive breakdown of every quarterback gracing the UFL stage, coupled with a comprehensive look at the results of the UFL Dispersal Draft.

In our succinct yet informative Notes Section, uncover the stories of key figures like Brian Westbrook who are transitioning away from the UFL, the northbound trek of multiple XFL and USFL players, and the full reveal of UFL's 2024 rosters. Reflect on the past NFL season with an analysis of USFL and XFL players’ performances.

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