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UFL Week In Review

Jan 19, 2024

Join us for the latest episode of "UFL Week In Review" as we delve deep into the exciting developments leading up to the 2024 UFL season, just 71 days away! This episode covers the comprehensive breakdown of the UFL Dispersal Draft 2024, showcasing the full list of players selected by each team. We're also tracking the migration of several USFL and XFL players as they move north post-draft. A major highlight is the UFL's expansion in North Texas, including the relocation of the San Antonio Brahmas and Michigan Panthers.

In our Notes Section, we bring you quick updates on key player movements and strategic changes across the league: Robert Nkemdiche's new journey with the DC Defenders, John Lovett's potential impact on the Brahmas, insights from Anthony Becht on A.J. McCarron and UFL rules, Jonathan Hayes's new role at Moeller High, and more. Plus, the latest from the Fantasy site and the upcoming UFL News Hub Mobile app.

Stay tuned as we answer your emails and questions, including this week's hot topic: Which team boasts the best roster currently? For more detailed show notes, visit UFL Podcast Show Notes. For alternate football discussions, check out Alt Football Reddit, and don't miss out on the fantasy football action at News Hub Fantasy.

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