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UFL Week In Review

Dec 14, 2023

Welcome to Show #215 of "XFL Week In Review," the definitive podcast for all things XFL. In this week’s jam-packed episode, we delve into major stories shaking the foundation of the XFL. The rumored partnership between Paramount Global and RedBird Capital could herald a new era in sports media, and we analyze its potential impact on the league. The troubling news of XFL player Anthony ‘Pooka’ Williams Jr.'s arrest following a police chase is another major topic, as we discuss the implications for him and the league.

Additionally, we focus on the New York Guardians and their stadium situation, which could critically influence their future in the evolving XFL-USFL landscape. We also bring you quickfire updates in our Notes Section, featuring news like 28 players signing letters of intent for the 2024 season, the Arlington Renegades’ innovative Bandit Club tickets, and Brian Goldsmith’s extraordinary marathon achievement in full XFL gear.

We then switch gears to address your emails, offering insights and answering your burning questions. As always, we conclude by reminding you to subscribe on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or contact us at Don't forget to check out our detailed show notes on, dive into the alt football discussions on Reddit, and get the latest on fantasy football at With only 105 days to XFL kickoff, every episode is a step closer to the action. Tune in for an unmissable blend of news, analysis, and fan interaction!


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